Unsere Gastschülerinnen Simran und Bárbara

Unsere Gastschülerinnen Simran und Bárbara


I am Simran . I am 18 years old. I come from India through Rotary Youth exchange program(IYE / RYE it's a cultural exchange program) to Germany for one year . A civilization as old as time itself , a land of versatile cultures and traditions , langauges and religions and a place where science meets spirituality '' , A nation with great "unity in diversity " 'INDIA' .Okay , so there is lot more to say about this country but coming from country like India from the day one in Germany I had many cultural shocks but that’s what I am here for , to learn and explore new culture and tradition. I feel really blessed to be in a country like Germany with superb technology , wonderful country structure and great discipline among the country mates.


I am Bárbara,16, I am from Minas Gerais, the region of mountains and iron ore in Brazil. I am here in Germany for 6 months as an exchange student. Brazil is a country of diversity and miscegenation ( people from , with an exuberant nature and a rich culture formed by typical dances, music, ulinary and festivals. It is a nation of happy, smiling and receptive people who values their religious and mysthological beliefs. Coming to Germany was a big change in life and a cultural shock. So now I am happy and grateful to know and learn all about this country and its incredible people.

‌We both come from different parts of the world , totally divergent countries . So we have been through many cultural shocks like the language , foods , weather , lifestyles , people , friends , beliefs , philosophies..... everything is different , if you count onn . Its like having a rebirth and starting a new life . It's an amazing and exciting small journey but also an opportunity and a lifetime experience . We know in this time period we are going to make many strong , unforgettable and unbreakable bonds and when we go back I'm sure we will have the same tears in our eyes when we were leaving our homeland to come here . Going back to our country we will have suitcases of memories and a hope in our heart to always come back to Germany because we are a part of it from the day we landed .

Too foreigner for here , too foreigner for there , stuck in the middle wondering why and how!!??

'Indian by birth , German by heart'

Jai Hind ! 🇮🇳

Até a próxima! 🇧🇷

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